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MAPLE BEAR MARÍLIA We care. We share. We learn.

Maple Bear Marília

We are Canada

Founded in 2018, Maple Bear is a small piece of Canada in Marília. We offer the best of Canadian bilingual education and prepare students for a world in which creativity, critical thinking, multiculturalism and the ability to integrate people and disciplines will increasingly be decisive. We take our responsibility to our students and families very seriously, always with great care and transparency. The strict quality and training processes of the faculty carried out by experienced Canadian educators ensure that we deliver the best and most current educational practices in the world.

Nossos Pilares


Our mission is to offer a student-centered education system in a safe and stimulating environment that arouses a passion for lifelong learning. Learn to learn. We do this by providing excellent education based on the Canadian bilingual model and best educational practices that meet the expectations of global society.

Fundamental Pillars

We care.
We share.
We learn.

Educational Excellence

Passion for learning

Active learning


Holistic Education



We believe that Canadian bilingual education has global academic excellence to inspire students to be passionate, creative and independent and to make healthy choices. The responsible, resilient and global citizens that our society will always need.

Maple Bear Global Schools

We are part of the largest bilingual education network in the world. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Maple Bear Global Schools aims to awaken, in children and adolescents from all over the world, a passion for learning at all stages of life. This mission is accomplished through the dissemination of the internationally recognized Canadian teaching methodology.
There are more than 450 schools for children, elementary and high schools in 20 countries around the world. In Brazil we have a presence in all regions of the country.


Canadian Trainer at Maple Bear Marília

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