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MAPLE BEAR MARÍLIA We care. We share. We learn.

Why the Canadian Methodology?

Holistic Education

Learning takes place in all spheres: physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

Cientific Method

Encouraging experimentation, intellectual challenge, discovery and problem solving. Active and pleasurable learning where the student is the protagonist of his own knowledge.

Theme Units

Subjects that are completed in thematic units offer a rich and stimulating program for each age group that encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression.


Bilingualism is more than mastering a second language; it means thinking and learning in two languages. Students are able to navigate, comfortably and naturally, in environments where both English and Portuguese are used.

Canadian Expectations

Objectives, expectations and performance standards are established by a Canadian curriculum that exceeds the requirements of Brazilian authorities. Teaching and assessment strategies that encourage autonomy, metacognition, critical thinking and problem solving.


Our rooms are spacious, stimulating, welcoming and full of manipulative materials. All with many books and organized in learning centers.

One of the best

Canada, according to independent international studies, such as PISA, is a leader in education among English-speaking countries, and has one of the most successful educational systems in the world. PISA, carried out by the OECD, is the world’s leading international study that assesses students’ knowledge and skills in mathematics, reading, science and problem solving. Developed by experienced Canadian and Brazilian educators, and with student-centered learning, Maple Bear’s academic program unites the best practices in Canadian education and fully meets and complies with Brazilian curriculum guidelines.

At Maple Bear Marília our students are


Passionate about knowledge and learning.


Prepared to lead their own lives, and decide their own paths and destiny.


Adaptable in a world where change is the only constant.


In possession of the knowledge and tools necessary for an outstanding performance at college, at work and in life, in their home country or abroad.


 Deeply aware of their talents and potential.


Able to think freely & shape their own beliefs.


Always motivated and enthusiastic about asking “what if?”


Bilingual and culturally literate for a global future.


Since its foundation in 1867, Canada has been constituted as a nation based on respect for differences and with recognition for both languages: French and English. This movement marked the beginning of a long history of research and dedication to the development of an educational system based on the best practices and truly bilingual. Today, Canada has one of the best educational models in the world. According to independent international studies, such as PISA, the Canadian methodology, in addition to being a leader among English-speaking countries, is one of the most successful in the world in mathematics, reading, science and problem solving. Encouraging experimentation, discovery, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and creativity, the teaching offered in our classrooms is in line with the most successful Canadian practices, preparing our student for success in Brazil or abroad.

And all this knowledge is present in the classrooms of Maple Bear Marília. Bilingualism, however, is just one of the pillars on which the excellence of the Canadian education system is based.

Conheça uma sala de aula Maple Bear

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