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MAPLE BEAR MARÍLIA We care. We share. We learn.

Elementary Education


In elementary school, we offer a learning experience, in a safe, stimulating and student-centered environment, which prepares students for success in high school and arouses a passion for continuous learning. The student develops all communication skills in two languages ​​(Portuguese and English), including comprehension, speech, reading, writing, visualization and representation. English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science are taught entirely in English, while Portuguese, Geography and History are taught in Portuguese.

Student-centered learning in a safe and stimulating enviorment


In elementary school, students develop all communication skills in both languages, including comprehension, speech, reading, writing, visualization and representation.


Experienced Brazilian educators have relied on Canadian education principles for the development of Maple Bear’s unique Portuguese program. This program is fully adapted to the panorama and cultural reality of Brazil, and includes the teaching of national and regional values. From daily contact with books, newspapers and magazines, and from encouraging written production, the student builds the ability to read and write autonomously. The environment offers situations of social and real use of reading and writing, such as reading, for example, the rules of a game or the production of invitations to school events, among others. For the success of the program, the daily routine includes didactic situations of reflection on the alphabetic system of writing and language appropriation.

Skills and concepts

Thematic integration of subjects provides children with a practical program and a rich and stimulating classroom environment. Students learn skills and concepts, whether mathematical or science, in different ways. It includes the use of manipulatives, hands-on experiences, learning by solving problems and projects to make learning more meaningful and relevant.

Expanded Knowledge

Among the program’s principles, observation, analysis, evaluation, application, problem solving, creation and decision-making stand out, activities that contribute to the formation of independent, creative and critical thinking children. Students develop academically and socially, creating an enabling environment for learning and social integration.

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