Bilingual Education

At Maple Bear, students become real bilingual, able to navigate, comfortably and naturally, in environments where both English and Portuguese are used. In the early years of the early childhood education, students experience total immersion in the English language. From the Intermediate Kindergarten, the last year of Early Childhood Education, students also receive stimuli in Portuguese, and literacy happens in both languages ??simultaneously. They are encouraged to share information, compare ideas, interpret languages, develop critical thinking and investigate the alphabetic writing system in both languages. In elementary school, half of the class are offered in Portuguese and half in English.

Bilingual Excellence

Since its foundation in 1867, Canada has been constituted as a nation based on respect for differences and with recognition for both languages: French and English. But it was in the late 1960s that Canada, through the Languages ??Act, one of the pillars of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s government and the work of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, established bilingualism as crucial and determinant for inclusion and respect for the rights of all citizens of the country. This movement marked the beginning of a long history of research and dedication to the development of a truly bilingual educational system, capable of developing citizens not only fluent in a second language, but also possessing the culture of two native languages.

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